SBIA Women In The Industry Breakfast // 2019.

SBIA Women In The Industry Breakfast // 2019.

We were lucky enough to attend the first ever SBIA Women In The Industry Breakfast this October in Sydney, Coogee. An inspiring morning of women, building one another up and motivating each other. Men in the industry were also invited to come along and attend as the purpose of the morning was to promote equality and equal opportunities - rather than tearing others down.

There was a panel held with 5 women in the industry in different forms of professions. Naima Wilson - Marketing Manager of Patagonia, Lisa King - Urban Large Scale Artist, (our very own) Suzi Salmond - Owner of Corner Surf Shop, Terry Hawkins - Speaker, Author & Founder of Progress Retail and Isabella Nichols - Professional Surfer. 

The women were all asked different questions relating to their story of success, achievements they have made and how they have overcome hurdles on the way to get there. Everyone was asked what piece of advice they would pass onto future generations of women; all had very unique, and inspiring answers. 

Everyone left the morning feeling very uplifted, empowered and motivated. It was amazing connecting with so many interesting people with incredible stories of success. The morning was a credit to Kim Reynolds and Alison Thomas who helped create and put into motion this amazing event. 

Women are incredible beings. The strength, determination and creativity we show in the face of adversity is something to be commended. It's not unknown that we live in a world which has been male dominated for centuries, but after this event it's safe to say that world is changing; for the better. Women are lifting each other up and supporting one another to reach their goals and it's a god damn beautiful thing. 

Thank you SBIA for having us! 

"Seeking new opportunities makes you think more creatively about what you could do and stretches possibilities."

"The power lies within us. As a fighter, I use my struggles & challenges to build my fire, my voice, and my own opportunities. I wait for no one."

"Be true to your beliefs and stand up for your opinion. Stay relevant, do any training that you can to improve your knowledge. If you have the passion and work hard anything is possible."

"It's collaboration that gets us there. If we work together we can all elevate."

"I think it's almost a necessity to at least experience some form of hurdle, it helps with developing problem solving skills and a sense of determination!"

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