INTRODUCING... INDOSOLE! The next step in eco friendly footwear.

INTRODUCING... INDOSOLE! The next step in eco friendly footwear.

Indosole is a footwear label that produces shoes made entirely of recycled tyres. CEO Kyle Parsons was inspired of the idea in Bali a few years ago after purchasing shoes made from motorbike tyres. It was then that he learnt that about the worldwide tyre problem, and he found that over one billion waste tyres ends up in landfill every year. It was this scary statistic that prompted him to start Indosole in 2009. 

There are 3 main problems:

1. There is a massive 1.5 billion tyres dumped in stockyards, illegal dumping sites, landfill and rivers EACH YEAR. These become breeding grounds for mosquitos which can cause diseases such as dengue fever and malaria.

2. It is nearly impossible for tyres to decompose. Tyres take thousands of years to decompose so technically the first tyre ever made still exists. 

3. Tyres are being burned, leading to toxic oils and fumes. Third world countries are using tyres as a cheap alternative for fuel. This as well as tyres that catch fire due to lightening storms, results in toxic oils and fumes that are detrimental to human health. 

In a bid to help reduce the toxic effects of tyre wastage Indosole re-purposes the indestructible tyres into the soles of the most durable, fashionable and comfortable shoes around. We are so impressed with Indosole's eco friendly company and can't  wait for you all to try them and lighten your footprint.  


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